Skills: Regie, Camera, Montage

TEDx TilburgUniversity | Voor TEDx TilburgUniversity maakten wij deze filmpjes ter omlijsting van de TEDx conferentie (31 oktober 2012).

Producent: Dieper Beeld Films
Klant: TEDx Tilburg University
Jaar: 2012
Regie: Jef Monté
Camera: Jef Monté
Montage: Jef Monté
Geluidsvormgeving: Mark Thur (introfilms)

The theme of TEDxTilburgUniversity is ‘Refreshing Our Information Society’. This will keep pace with rapid changes taking place in our information society. Standing front speakers will go deeper in fact on why our society is constantly evolving with new technologies, viewpoints and thoughts.